Iowa EMS Training Programs

The University of Iowa Emergency Medical Services Student Interest Organization (UIEMSSIO) works hand in hand with local EMS educators as well as our in-house training staff to provide our members with the most available EMS training opportunities possible to our members.

The UIEMSSIO has a dedicated Training Department comprised of our Training Director (an EMT or higher trained member) and Assistant Training officers.

The department is charged with providing high quality training to our members in First Aid, CPR, Alcohol Emergency Response (Red Watch), and various others.

The department works hand in hand with the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics' Emergency Medical Service Learning Resource Center (EMSLRC), Kirkwood Community College, Johnson County Ambulance Service (JCAS), and the Johnson County EMS Association to provide EMS classes to UIEMSSIO membership. In many cases these opportunities are reserved specifically for our members who are guaranteed spots.

For more information on trainings offered please contact the training department today.


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