Community Service

The University of Iowa Emergency Medical Services Student Interest Organization strives to promote community involvement among it's membership and develop strong relationships with community organizations.


As part of our commitment to give back to the community, our organization utilizes our resources to seek out and participate in opportunities that will benefit others. 

Haiti Relief Effort

The University of Iowa Emergency Medical Services Student Interest

Organization lead the Iowa City and Coralville communities in a unique, exciting, and rewarding opportunity to help  

World Wide Village and their recovery efforts in Haiti.

The UI EMS SIO lead the effort to

compile, sort, store, and inventory thousands of medical supplies destined for Haiti. The supplies, donated for Christopher Buresch's Community Health Initiative in Haiti, were stored and inventoried using a system developed by UI EMS SIO and utilized by hundreds of individuals as they counted and sorted supplies.

The UI EMS SIO worked with the Governor's office, Clinton Foundation, World Wide Village, and Coralville City Officials as well as numerous local business owners to fund, organize, and accomplish our mission for Haitian relief.

More information, videos, and news articles can be found in our site's News page.


Health Education Center

The University of Iowa Emergency Medical Services Student Interest Organization not only strives to educate our members in EMS related fields, but also give back with the knowledge we gain. Local area programs intended to reach out to rural and underprivileged children look for young professionals to to come talk to these children about their careers. UI EMS SIO members are happy to be able to take the knowledge, career experiences, and information we have and share these experiences with our fellow Iowans.

These exciting opportunites to give back in the community broaden our member's understanding of how fragile our EMS System is and what it takes to continuously try to educate and recruit to members to the field.


Resident Assistant Training

The University of Iowa Emergency Medical Services Student Interest Organization's Training Dept was requested to provide a training program for Residence Life staff at the University's Crisis Saturday training. The Medical Emergency Training was intended to help RAs better prepare for medical emergencies in the dorms while they are on duty.

Topics Included:

  • What might constitute a medical emergency (alcohol poisoning, unconscious student, injury involving blood, student who is very ill, drug/prescription overdose, allergic reaction, etc.)
  • When you become aware of a potential medical emergency, what are the most important things to remember (stay calm, get as much info as possible, call 911 or DPS, call the HC on-call)
  • How do EMTs assess a medical emergency
  • In particular, how do you handle an alcohol poisoning/unresponsive student
  • How can you tell when someone needs assistance

UI EMS SIO looks forward to continuing to build our relationship with Residence Life and the staff in the Dorms.


Campus Blood Drives

Currently, the University of Iowa Emergency Medical Services is in the process or helping promote and develop numerous blood drives on the University of Iowa Campus. Our team is dedicated to helping advertise, promote, and run the numerous blood drives that occur on The University of Iowa campus each year. Our Public Relations Supervisor is tasked with dealing with any organization wishing to promote or staff their blood drive using University of Iowa EMS SIO members or staff.


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