ETC Shadowing

A great way to learn more about emergency medicine is to shadow physicians, nurses, and PAs in the emergency department. We have exclusive opportunities each week for our members to shadow at the UIHC Emergency Treatment Center (ETC). The ETC is the busiest Emergncy Dept in the State of Iowa, at the largest University operated hospital in the Country. UI EMS SIO members don't have to compete for time in the ETC, UI EMS SIO arranged specific times each week for you to shadow. We've done all the work for you, and made sure you've got the best times and best seat in the house for all the Trauma 1 action.etc

The shadowing opportunities will be in 2 hr. time slots. The number of times you'll be able to shadow in the ETC this semester will depend on how much interest there is from our members. The shadowing times are:

  • Mondays 0900-1100
  • Fridays 2030-2230
  •  Saturdays 2300 to 0100 Sunday

You will be assigned to shadow a physician unless you indicate otherwise. If you would like to shadow a PA, you must sign up for a Monday slot, and indicate your preference when you register. If you would like to shadow a nurse, you must be a student in the College of Nursing. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">


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